Bots are the perfect addition to your customer conversations. They can help you automate giving a coupon, saying "hello", sharing content, following up, and so much more. They make it easier to know context and can help you answer customers when you’re not around.

Modern offers a variety of template bots that can be triggered on social, using a URL, ads, or directly from our widgets. Our end-to-end solution helps you respond and gather data from your customers easily and effectively.

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We’ve been in the market since the first day. Our experts know what bots are successful on Facebook Messenger and which ones aren’t!
A perfect bot experience for your customers

Modern bots are different. We saw early on that the best Messenger bot experiences were hybrid ones - where bots and representatives worked together to help a customer achieve their goal. Our bots offer a "single unit of work", so they can be used like lego pieces to create the perfect customer funnel.

Modern bot templates offer the right context, at the right time, and setup the funnel so a real human can step in and complete the sale or transaction. Combined with our powerful dashboard we help you setup your team for success.

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With Modern Your Customers Can Experience Bots Everywhere
We help you connect your bots to unique URLs, widgets, and ads. This makes it easy for you to gather the information you need from your customers.
1# Create ads on Facebook and send them directly to bot templates
3# Create ads on Facebook and send them directly to bot templates
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