Company Vision
Our mission is to help you grow your business with Facebook Messenger.
The Modern Growth Stack
  • Talk to customers even after they leave
  • Easily request for customer feedback
  • View customer identities instantly
  • Request more information from customers easily
  • Instant trust in the comfort of Messenger. Customers trust messenger, so they trust you.
  • Facebook will help you get customers too!
  • Get in with the latest technologies

So why, are we still using the old way of requesting emails for every single thing?

Why do our sales reps have little to no information other than my email address or name (at best)? Why can't they manage and engage customers in a more personal way and on a platform that feels instant?

Because most brands are stuck on tricks & integrations of the past.

It's a fast moving market - there are a lot opportunities on new platforms to engage customers the way they love to engage most.

With Messenger growing to over 1B users and other platforms on the rise - our goal at Modern is to help you modernize your strategy and do more to maximize your leads. There are many opportunities on the rise and our goal is to help you surface them easily and comprehensively.

You've already taken the first good step to trying Modern - all you have to do is connect your account and without any extra effort - you will already start to see the benefits.

One Single Point For All Your Messenger Needs

We've handled all the complexity of integrating, maintaining, and monitoring activity across Facebook Messenger. Because we've done this, you're finally free to maximize from Facebook Messenger.

You can put the information your customer needs, at the time they need it, in the place they need it and build better experiences.