We are living in an age more connected than ever before.

Almost everything is instant and that includes communication across the globe. This rapid rate and prevalence of high-speed connection create 2 interesting dynamics to help you sell via Messenger:

  • First: acrave for real, authentic connection experience.
  • Second: the desire for things delivered straight to you instead of having to search for it.

Here's the point.

We get streams and streams of social media content, pop-up notifications, live-streaming videos and over-used emojis. We all suffer from information overload, but the reality is that we all want things to come to us now, instead of having to search for it ourselves.

As a business owner, the media saturation can be frustrating, but, thinking about it correctly can stack in your favor!


Because understanding this can help you use the technologies of today to help the push model stack in your favor and capture customers in a way you haven't done before.

The need for short bursts of convenient, easily accessible yet genuine interaction and information can help you get results more quickly! This where the endless stream of opportunity for business owners lie - through the use of Facebooks Messenger.

Catch them in the feed and then close them in Chat

Catch them in their feed, and close them via conversation.

  • The Need For Connection And Relatability - As much as people have gotten used to automated everything, studies show they desire human interaction in order to gain trust and build brand relationships.
  • Relationship vs. Dry Pitch - Sharing a joke or reacting to language nuances is not possible through automated systems and this is where the magic of relationship building lies.
  • Emotion Leads to Action - Eliciting a positive emotional reaction in a customer will likely lead to a sale or continued interaction with the brand.
  • Simple is Better - Less is more and when it comes to resolving issues. The quicker and more efficiently it can be sorted out, the better it is for the customer. Engagement Is Key - Brands need to take the time to engage with their customers. It promotes a feeling of value and encourages future engagement.

Real-time Customer Care

When a customer is frustrated or requires assistance, the faster the brand responds, the better it is for everyone! Having real-time customer care solutions set up makes way for:

  • Instant Communication
  • Elimination of Objections
  • Customer Guidance Through the Process
  • Faster Decision-Making
  • Excellent Customer Experience

Use bots to setup a funnel (feedback, receipt, etc)

Sometimes, a customer needs fast, efficient responses which can be adequately handled by a bot template. Knowing when to use bot templates is the key to:

  • Working Smarter Vs Working Harder
  • Automation = Efficiency
  • Custom Customer Templates
  • Personal Interactions
  • High Conversion Increases

Start with a Welcome bot. Add a Response bot. Follow-up with a follow-up bot. Then close the loop by asking them for feedback. At each point, you can activate a request for subscription to close the loop!

Follow-up capability (notification)

Following live or automated interaction, the brand should continue the conversation. Modern assists businesses with:

  • Ability To Send Reminders
  • Long-Term Relationship Building
  • Customer Base Loyalty
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Easier Referral Acquisition

The windows of marketing opportunities continue to expand, but some wont stay open forever.

Facebooks messenger is revolutionizing the way we do business online and the trend is sure to keep growing towards a more personalized shopping experience. Consumers want to build relationships and customer loyalty is key.

As customers become increasingly more tech-savvy, businesses will have to plan accordingly by leaving behind old-age marketing techniques and opening the door towards more inclusive, genuine and real communication methods.